3 tiny changes in Apple’s iOS 13 iPhone update made my life way easier


  • Apple released the iOS 13 software update for iPhones in September.
  • The update had some improvements that received a lot of buzz, including a long-awaited dark mode and an updated Photos app.
  • After using iOS 13 for about 2 months, three features in particular — headphone audio levels, an update to Tweets sent through Messages, and better screenshots — have proven surprisingly useful.
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Apple released iOS 13 for iPhones in mid-September. Some criticized the software as buggy out of the gate, but I haven’t had any major issues, and the minor follow-up updates worked well for me. 

The new software took some getting used to, but over time I noticed some minor features that were slowly making my life easier. I hadn’t even thought of them before updating, after using them I couldn’t go back.

Here are 3 of my favorite minor updates in iOS 13.

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